Onam Festival
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Onam is on 11th September, 2019

Onam is one of the biggest occassions in South India. An annual harvest festival, it is celebrated mainly in the Indian state of Kerala. Onam is the state festival of Kerala. An occassion of great joy, Onam is observed here in the months of August-September with prayer services, music, foods, dances, sports, boat races and much more! To mark this ancient occassion, TheHolidaySpot brings you a fantastic section on Onam. Take a trip through our marvelous Onam section and check out the recipes, rituals and songs related to the occassion. Also go through our informative articles on the history of the Onam festival and the various customs associated to Onam as also take a peek at the lovely wallpapers themed to Onam and set them as your desktop wallpapers. Wish you a happy festive time! Onasamsakal!
Happy Onam!

Delve deep into the history of the Onam festival and know about the origins of this fabulous occassion.
Onam Greeting Cards
Onam Greeting Cards
wish everyone on Onam with a free Onam egreetings. You can send a card to multiple receivers, and can also send a card in a future date.
onam wallpapers
Lovely images themed to Onam. Set these as wallpapers on your PC screen and send to dear ones for free
Use these assistive foodmaking instructions to prepare traditional Keralite dishes gorged on during Onam
Onam Quiz
onam quiz
Try this exciting quiz on Onam and check your knowledge about the festival.
Rituals of Onam
Rituals of Onam
Learn about some of the most popular rituals observed during the ten days of Onam, from atham to thiruvonam.                        
Gifts Ideas
onam quiz
Go through these assistive tips and pick the right gifts to present your loved ones with during Onam.
Know about this grand feast that is held in Kerala on Thiruvonam, the tenth and final day of the Onam festival.                                           
Know all about Onakkodi, the new clothes that are purchased and worn during Onam festivities.
Onam Activities
Brighten up your Onam festivities with these entertaining puzzle activities based on the festive mood. Click Here
Songs of Onam Onam Crafts Ideas
Know about the traditional songs sung during Onam and the legends associated to them. Click Here Use these craftmaking tips to make splendid Onam crafts for your dear ones. Click Here
Onam Devotional Music
Get into the mood of the approaching celebrations with these melodious Onam devotional songs. Click Here